sonia Campbell

TW: @blklagoon // IG: @thrillmecampbell

Sonia Campbell is a writer/producer with Crown Chimp. She has 15 years of experience working in the world of indie film, starting as a special FX makeup artist in 2004.

During her college years, she decided to start studying areas of film, particularly Art Direction. Eventually her love of the horror genre led her to dive directly into FX makeup. Since then, she has worked as a makeup artist in 18 short films and 7 feature films.

When she joined Crown Chimp in 2015, Sonia was given the opportunity to expand her interests in film even further, and began writing, producing, casting, and taking on production design. She is now focusing on these areas specifically, as well as running the social media and moderating the podcasts for Crown Chimp.

Sonia has written and produced two short films, and completed her first feature-length script last year – a horror-comedy with skaters and werewolves titled LET THE DOGS OUT. She is now finalizing her second feature-length script, DENTURE FANGS, which is a transcendental horror (vampire) film. She plans to continue writing horror scripts, one for each type of major supernatural creature. Her next script, titled XOMBIE CHINGON, set in Southern Arizona and Mexico.

Sonia enjoys spending time with her Abyssinian cat, Maila, and watching as many movies as possible.