Adidas // 1440

This lifestyle piece for Adidas won 6 ADDYs, an Emmy, a Telly, a Communicator, and was nominated for MoMA. It has a tonal quality similar to the Powerade reference and shows everyday people and the trials, tribulations, and pride associated with true passion.

Western Union // Brothers

This spot won 6 national awards for a mix of Direction, Editing, and Branded Content (ADDYs, W3, Davey, Communicator.) It tells a more raw, personal story of family, hard work, and perseverance.


TEP // 2030

An anthem spot for the utility market. The goal was to show how this particular provider genuinely cares for the needs and concerns of their customers.

China Mobile // Rejoice!

China Mobile is the world's largest mobile phone operator by subscribers with about 859.9 million. This spot highlights emotionality and the grace of caring about what you do.

University of Arizona // Bear Down

This spot won 9 national awards for Direction, Cinematography, and Editing (ADDYs, Emmys, Tellys, Communicator). It takes the tone and style normally associated with athletics and applies it to the world of higher education.

Harken // Revolution

A slightly more polished approach to lifestyle anthem pieces, this insurance spot highlights the customers that fuel and rely on their service.

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